Comanche In A Transatlantic Crossing

Comanche is the racing yacht that is in the news as it is a 100 foot boat which is owned.

Comanche is the racing yacht that is in the news as it is a 100 foot boat which is owned by Kristy and Jim Clark.

This yacht left New York port on July 22nd for a transatlantic sailing record that would span west to east and would be covered in 6 days, 17hours and 52 minutes. The team has been providing updates to the media from time to time.

As per the updates provided on July 25th there were 1257 nautical miles that were still left to be finished for the record to be set. With the current speed of travel they remain ahead of Mari Cha IV’s record by 451 nautical miles.

As per their navigation crew, the weather was chilly and the waters were flat – it could have been a Croatian Bareboat charter in the tideless Med. The sailing was smooth as the cold water was smooth and undisturbed by low winds. The visibility range was about 10 meters and the crew was maintaining a watch on the radar quite carefully. The boat captain has provided a more recent update. He states that everyone is doing well on board the vessel. The sail duties have been divided between Dirk, Richard and Tony.

The boat was keeping up a steady pace on the waters. With four people being on and off the watches everyone got adequate time to rest as well. Till then the boat was in good shape. He stated that the weather conditions predicted lighter winds that would be easy to navigate over the next 24 to 36 hours. The water ingress was low and the new bow drains were able to keep the waters off efficiently. The main concern is to miss any ice that might come up on the way. There had been some near mishaps, but tragedies were avoided thankfully by the crew.