Redneck Yacht Club – Quadcopter cam

Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club – Quadcopter cam”

  1. Thanks for including proper ambient sound instead of whirring planes or
    music. Sounds awesome.

  2. People are free to enjoy their hobbies… but i personally don’t see the
    appeal on driving slowly in the mud. Maybe i’m messing something,
    Imagine these are all your neighbors… and you’re black. : ) ( Just a
    joke guys )

  3. People are so negative let them have fun we only live once i enjoyed the
    video their is some hot chicks.

  4. Wow, bunch of drunk rednecks slowly driving around in mud. Whew … Good

  5. Lol Americans…. Go big go big go as BIG as you can and STILL get bogged.
    Come to Australia and learn a thing or two.

  6. LOOKS LIKE FUN My deuce would love the mud got to love phantoms Just
    bought the new one myself as well nice video 

  7. I cant wait until electric motors take over. then I would be all over
    this! Great footage. 

  8. Looks fun, especially tearing around on the quads, but as a Yankee, as much
    as I genuinely want to, I don’t understand the rebel pride thing.

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