Rick Ross – Yacht Club (Remix) (feat. Triple C’s & Magazeen) [Official Music Video]

Video Ranking: 4 / 5

Video Ranking: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Rick Ross – Yacht Club (Remix) (feat. Triple C’s & Magazeen) [Official Music Video]”

  1. The Yatch Club is a apartment building in Miami that backs up to
    the intercontinental waterway which is what the boat is cruising
    down. Older building but wants like $1500 – $7000+ a month in rent the
    parking garage has every high end car you can name and if you live there
    local chicas in Miami would drop their panties on the spot cause in Miami
    success is sexy no matter how you look

  2. “Kill all the middle men, I’m the Millitant Gilligan,
    Speaking Creole with gentlemen as I cruise the Caribbean.
    Oh Lord, I’m a star down in St. Barth’s,
    The fat Tommy Lee, I made out with like eight broads.” – Rick Ross

  3. ROSS:-)

    Rick Ross – Yacht Club (Remix) (feat. Triple C’s & Magazeen) [Official
    Music Video]

  4. daaaaamn he hit that water face ass first like SWAPPPPPPPP!!! Damn Gunplay
    SON..where’d you learn that one ..hahahahahahahha

  5. am i the only one thinks ross wrote breed(last verse) verse for him? lol
    dat shit was hot

  6. aa huevo they got sea sick jajaja thats why they missed the button yeah
    youre right i like too much rick ross the big boss

  7. u can hate all u want on ross.. just makes u look like a clown.. u aint
    living like hes living.. and no one makes tracks like him.. worry about ur
    life lil man before u worry about the next man..YACHT CLUB

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