Redneck Yacht Club – atvs, big trucks & swamp buggies

Video clip Ranking: four / five

Video clip Ranking: four / five

25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club – atvs, big trucks & swamp buggies”

  1. I’m sure it’s different being there but watching this is just boring. Huge
    trucks going sloooooooowwww as hell thru the mud. People stuck everywhere.
    Country AND rap music being played. God! There’s a reason I don’t go to
    these things.

  2. Hell yeah! this should be the first thing white people do when we land on
    Mars. Fuck the haters… we’re the best!

  3. love it.looks like a damn good mud slingin’ beer drinkin’ time with a bunch
    a’ good ole’ boys.

  4. Mag für den einen oder anderen lustig sein. Mir zeigt dieses Video nur wie
    die Amis drauf sind. Alles zerstören ist die Devise. Primitiv bis auf die

  5. Hey everyone. I will be posting a video of me dancing in some very
    revealing clothes if I can get 20+ subs on my channel before New Years.

  6. Kıjjiklöıbıyyi0üüü0uttytytyyytytttttyttytþtyttþtt55i55yyyyüyu

  7. Is this somehow supposed to make you more manly if your truck can go
    through a mud bog? Try to drive through and possibly get stuck. Rinse,
    redo. Is it supposed to make you more manly if you have a super tall truck
    with swampers and jacked suspension? What’s the attraction. To each their
    own. Works for them…I guess.

  8. I love everything else, but why I don’t understand is the rap music. Rap
    and white southerners don’t mix.

  9. Like if u came here cause of the thumbnail 😛
    The vid was awesome too :)

  10. how can you have soo much money . I have just made my first million at 46
    years old . how do young kids have sooo much caash to spend on toys 

  11. rednecks…. why are they all listening to rap? every truck that rolls by
    … is listening to rap music… thought rednecks hate blacks… lol 

  12. Huh? I guess you have to live in that state to understand the attraction
    to such places and things. Looks ridicules. Is this a place/path that you
    have to go through? Red neck city.

  13. Wheres the mud? Lol thats just a party and looks like some people decided
    to fill a field up with water and told people to bring somw trucks and
    other toys 

  14. close your eyes and imagine it’s Serengeti
    oh and rednecks of today play hiphop and rap?

  15. rather see our boys n girls with this addiction having fun than sitting
    around with a spike in their arms rednecks are real men ;] and my God
    those drones record a great crystal clear video..kinda scary !!!

  16. say what we may but …. red necks know how to have fun … as long as they
    don’t end the session with a cross burning (not fair comment … but just
    thought I’d throw that in there to be an asshole) ; )

  17. lol, since when do rednecks listen to hip-hop? This video was exactly as I
    expected hahahaha. Biiiiiig thumbs down… “redneck” and “yacht” don’t
    belong in the same sentence.

  18. the only animal that i have known to have as much fun in the mud are pigs,
    hahahahaha, not saying that rednecks are pigs….. they´re just pigs with
    stds, mud on fellas!!!!

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