Yachting Monthly’s Dehler 38 test

Movie Score: four / 5

Movie Score: four / 5

21 thoughts on “Yachting Monthly’s Dehler 38 test”

  1. A lot of ill-conceived deck details seem to plague this boat. The
    manufacturer seems more concerned about a chic appearance than seaworthy

    I have also noticed that almost all of these “modern” hull shapes, whether
    35-ft. or 60-ft., hobby-horse and pound quite severely in even a moderate
    sea state. I think there are fundamental flaws in these designs. Definitely
    not good for comfortable cruising.

    And the fridge is “huge”? C’mon.

  2. Nice numbers…horrendous interiors. Then again it’s a poor man’s boat

  3. I like the hull design, and the sleek weather deck setup.

  4. with the price when new, tardiness is an issue on the Christening Cermony
    planned especially for special events, ceremonies, ect…

  5. I like the new forecastle design, from the waterline to below the weather

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