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Ok Dinghy Magazine Published

The November issue of OK Dinghy magazine had finally found its place online and the letterbox of the different sailors. The magazine covers the details and results from all the major tournaments held from the April 2017 and the articles are mainly focused towards the health of the different classes in sailing.

It mentions of Steve Wilson sailing from Australia at his first Dinghy Worlds Ok and relishing the experience in Warnemunde, Germany. It was a great experience for him and he enjoyed it along with knowledge of the different abilities of different sailors and their different sailing skills. The camaraderie was pleasant and the people there were quite hospitable and caring.

Extreme Sailing Series In Cardiff Bay

Last year, the waterfront of Cardiff bay was surrounded by visitors as some of the greatest sailors took part in sailing series. The sailors competed in both global as well as annual professional series in the UK. Spectators will once again enjoy the same experience as they will see Olympic gold medalists and other sailing legends only a few meters away from the shore. There will be a public zone for fans with live music, food and beverage stalls, and much more. The water action also has teams competing in the double-handed catamarans in flying phantom series. Cardiff will be the deciding factor in the 2018 event tour.

Extreme Sailing Series is being hosted in Cardiff since 7th consecutive year and it is indeed the longest partnerships in the history of sailing competition. The Stadium Racing circuit took place in Muscat, Oman this year before the GC32 World Championship. Barcelona in Spain was the next one in the act and Cascais in Portugal was the recent one. As far as the Cardiff event of next month is concerned, the final acts will be held in Los Cabos, Mexico and San Diego, USA. The prime attraction of the Stadium Racing pioneer series is the fact that the crowd will be in close action as GC32 catamarans will be out of water to fly alone at 39 knots of speed which is similar to placing yourself out of the window of a four wheeler at 45mph.

A USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival

The Hingham Yacht Club would be holding a USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival on July 13th and 14th this year.

The competition would enable sailors from the ages of eight to eighteen to compete. The organizers feel that such a regatta event will help create a pathway for greater competitions like the Olympics, where only a select group of talented junior sailors get to compete. However, besides offering high level of competition there would also be a lot of fun here.

The club expects about 300 sailors in the youth category to compete, coming from regions like New Jersey and New York as well. The event would stay open for experienced sailors as well as beginners. Registration for the event would be possible till July 12th which can be done at a site opened for the event, costing about $90 for each racer. There would be three different sailboat categories that will race during the day, laser radial, 420 and optimist dinghy. The latter would be a ten foot one person boat that can be sailed by beginners. There would not be any results declared in this division. (more…)

Dancers Motivate Penn State Club

The Penn State sailing club has 5 dancing members in THON this year.

Besides, the 2 dancers that are allotted, there are 2 members that would dance independently and one will dance using his group. The sailing club’s THON chairs, Erin Dinyon said the other extra dancers motivated her to take part in THON in this season. It is quite motivating to see 5 members dancing there who are known to Dinyon. There are around 65 members of club sailing which is not the higher group of students on campus. There is no provision for assigning shifts for club members to be present at THON as it does not have adequate number of students. (more…)

Dominique Competent Winner Of Swiss Sailing

It is being over four months when LMAX Exchange was capped the Clipper 2015-16 Race’s overall winner, the team of him is still celebrating its hard work and success Olivier Cardin skipper.

They are receiving awards at the ceremony of (FSF) French Sailing Federation’s flagship ‘the Soiree des Champions.’

The recognition and awards of such type do not limit only to the skippers still, along with crew member, Dominique Hausser received the award on 19 November at Swiss Sailing. Dominique’s commitment to sailing has been recognized with this award.

Dominique has dreamt of sailing across the world, however, acting as navigator, coxswain on board and team doctor during the Clipper Race, Dominique played an important role in the team. His effort throughout the historic 40,000 nautical mile journey was commendable. (more…)

Olympic sailing threatened by Rio dump

The Olympic sailing course, this year, is a sink of rubbish which endangers the arranging of the event. A brand new snapshot from the coast of Rio de Janeiro shows the water cluttered with waste. It arouses concerns regarding athletes’ health during the Olympic Games.
Two months back, a disposed lounge was detected among debris at Guanabara Bay course. Also, 2 sailors sounded off of viral infections after a test event in August. Independent water examinations of Guanabara Bay arranged by Associated Press over the last year reveals disease triggering viruses connected to human sewage at levels thousands of times above which is considered alarming in European nations as well as in the United States.
Sailing bodies have asked the organizers of the Rio Games to move the event. Peter Sowrey, the former chief executive of World Sailing, stated that he was relieved from his position after he tried to knock down Guanabara Bay from the yachting schedule.